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The simple act of asking for help when it’s needed is one that’s coaxed out of people at an early age–sometimes as young as 2. The need for help is too often framed as a weakness, as if humans should always know what to do in any given scenario. Considering how ridiculous this is, it shouldn’t be surprising to learn that children who ask questions in the classroom are far better off than their silent fellows. Read on for more details on why this is so.


  1. Students who ask questions are likely to be paying attention

If a student raises her to ask about something they’ve just heard, that’s a sure sign that she wasn’t daydreaming–which is always a plus! Kids who stay engaged in the lesson, who interact rather than merely absorb, are likelier to stay focused.


  1. Questions help to reveal the students’ level of comprehension

For argument’s sake, let’s say a teacher isn’t presenting the material clearly enough. How will he know, unless the students ask questions that illuminate the dark holes in the middle?


  1. Being inquisitive will aid in later recall

A well-thought-out question will do more than just signify that the student is paying attention. It may also ensure that she remembers the details of the lesson later on. After all, humans are much better at recalling events in which they played a part, than ones they simply heard about or observed.


  1. Questions make for a livelier discussion

The best lessons are the ones that don’t go exactly as planned. When students are talkative and interacting with each other and the material, class time has been known to fly by.


  1. A broader field of knowledge yields greater rewards

While it’s important to first learn the basics of any skill before venturing deeper into its intricacies, when it comes to academics, there’s no such thing as covering too much ground too early. The more questions students ask, the more they’ll learn, which will in turn make them thirstier for more knowledge. If the basics are all that they retain, then the subject will seem that much less interesting, and the information will simply lie dormant and perish.

So encourage those questions, and keep the answers lively and informative!