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Terri Wattawa

Professional Overview

About Terri Wattawa

Dr. Terri Wattawa is an experienced educational consultant based in Phoenix, Arizona. For over twenty years Terri has worked in the education field in a variety of roles including as a teacher, principal, and consultant. As a result of her experience, she is skilled in professional development programs, data analysis, diversity and inclusion, and curriculum development. Terri’s current role as an educational consultant with Improvement Assurance Group has a heavy emphasis on data. Through data collection and analysis she is able to help educators make improvements in a variety of areas.

In 1995 Terri Wattawa graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Biological Sciences Education. Soon after graduating she worked as an eighth grade Integrated Science Instructor/Science Curriculum Coordinator at Willis Junior High School, Chandler Unified School District. Over the course of five years, Terri helped shape the school’s science curriculum, served as department chair, and represented the school district at various conferences in the region. Terri continued her education by earning her Masters of Secondary Education/Curriculum and Instruction from Northern Arizona University in 2000 and her Ed.D. in Educational Supervision and Administration from Arizona State University in 2014.

After working nearly a decade as a science instructor, Terri Wattawa became the Assistant Principal-Curriculum/AP Coordinator for the Basha High School. In this role, Terri was responsible for the supervision and evaluation of every teacher in the high school. Her work included advising students, coordinating school-wide events, and assisting with professional development. Terri worked in this position for six years before moving on to other education leadership roles in Arizona.

One of the best aspects of working in education is getting to work with children. As a teacher in the classroom, Terri Wattawa was constantly amazed by the young men and women she interacted with. Helping young people prepare for later life and watching them learn about the possible paths they could take was always rewarding. Teaching has taught Terri patience, acceptance, and tolerance—skills that she tried to instill in her students as well.

Today there are many exciting trends in the education field. Terri Wattawa is particularly excited about mindfulness practice in schools and restorative justice practices. Leveraging the power of tech in the classroom is another exciting trend. In Arizona, parents can send their children wherever they want. While this ability to choose has many benefits, it can erode the sense of community. However, social media and over advancements in tech have the potential to strengthen community ties.

Throughout her career as an education administrator, Terri always remained a teacher advocate. Teaching can be a difficult job, and sometimes educators can appear one dimensional and rigid, rather than as an individual who is trying their best to help students. With everything that she does in the education field, Terri remains devoted to helping teachers so that they can perform at their highest level and give students the best learning environment possible.